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Shape your career and live the life you want one difficult conversation and presentation at a time.

Emotive Agility 

Create the freedom to shape your career and live the life you want...one difficult conversation and presentation at a time.

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Berit Elizabeth

I work with passionate entrepreneurs and professional women who tend miss opportunities to move up in their careers despite being qualified and hungry for more. Public speaking paranoia? Anxiety around speaking up that holds you back? Through my Emotive Agility Training approach, I teach easy-to-implement strategies drawn theater, body language science, and emotional intelligence to reduce overwhelm under pressure. You deserve to feel confident and authentic during your next big move to shape the direction of your career and live life on your own terms.

I’m Berit Elizabeth

No way around it - living life on your own terms is guaranteed to come along with a number of difficult conversations, awkward situations, and - oh, yes - public speaking.

I’m Berit Elizabeth and I work with professionals - especially women in male-dominated fields - who tend to lose or avoid opportunities to move up in their careers despite being qualified. I guide them to use concrete strategies to remain confident and authentic under pressure so they can speak up at work and knock down barriers to success - one difficult conversation and presentation at a time.

Workshops & Corporate Training

Pitching & Presenting with Presence

This training will teach you how to convey your enthusiasm for your ideas or product with confidence and authenticity to deliver captivating presentations.

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Navigating Critical Conversations

The ability to manage emotions under pressure is critical to decision making and relationship building.

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Supercharge Your Sales Skills

With an emphasis on increasing sales conversion, leveraging opportunities for up-sells and minimizing attrition rates, this training focuses on increasing your nonverbal influence.

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“Berit is absolutely magnetic. She has a remarkable presence that draws you in and makes you feel like you're the only person in the world. Her desire to facilitate positive behavior change comes through in all of her work, and I highly recommend her coaching and training services to anyone looking for curriculum in nonverbal communication. She's a rockstar!”

Vanessa Van Edwards

Behavioral Investigator, Author & Keynote Speaker

Emotive Agility Coaching

Are you preparing to speak at a big event?

 Want to be a stronger communicator in your personal or professional life?

Are you avoiding opportunities you secretly wish you took?

Ready to get started?

Whether your career or your sanity depends on it, when you train your Emotive Agility, you can trust yourself to show up as who you really are, speak up without hesitation, magnetize your
audience with your presence, and influence and inspire those around you.

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Emotive Agility at Work:

The Intersection of Body Language and Emotional Intelligence